All-in-one app
that empowers Insurance Agents

Comprehensive lead management
Robust task management
Learning & analytics module
Manager dashboard

Say goodbye to manual
lead management


Streamline your leads 

No more manual lead management and its inefficiencies. With Agent app's comprehensive lead management module, you can easily manage leads, create lead profiles, and keep track of all the details.

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Stay on top with efficient task management

Don't let task management slow you down. Create tasks, set reminders, manage activities, and communicate seamlessly. Faster followups, faster conversions.  

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Supercharge your sales

Generate quotes and policies instantly. Our sales module simplifies the entire process with integrated sales journeys and tracking at each step. 

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Empower agents with continuous learning

Beat the competition with our comprehensive learning module. Up-skill your team and ensure they have the expertise to sell effectively and drive growth. 

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Unlock potential with data-driven insights

Leave the guesswork. Get access to reports that will help you understand customers better, optimize your sales journey, and make informed decisions.

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Complete visibility

Our manager dashboard helps you provide a complete picture of the operations. From lead distribution engine to advisor metrics, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. 

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